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Property values are recovering here in Northern Nevada. Due to economic growth and low inventory, values continue to rise. With limited development and available land, property values continue to rise in the region. According to EDAWN, property appreciation will continue for the next five years thanks to projected economic development activities.



With regional economic growth comes residential and commercial property development. Many investors taken advantage of opportunities in Nevada and launched speculative projects in the last five years, which often turned into lucrative portfolios. The Northern Nevada market continues to be driven by the local and state-wide economic development projects. As more and more companies find their ways into the regional market, Northern Nevada is facing significant shortage in housing and industrial development even today. Contact us today to evaluate your investment opportunity in this growing market.


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Gerlinger International, Ltd. is a full service real estate company in Northern Nevada. Our aggressive and expert marketing strategy utilizing advance technology will get your property sold quickly. We believe in maintaining constant communication and transparent professional service from the initial stage of consultation to the final stage of closing the transaction.

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