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About Our Services

Gerlinger International, Ltd. provides quality business and real estate related consulting services using the latest technology and market research. We posess intense desire to fulfill each client’s need to the best of our abilities.


GI-Reno offers a wide range of business development and real estate related services: strategy development, market research and analysis, marketing planning and implementation and on-site marketing technology training. We put our full efforts into the service that leads to the best possible outcome for the client’s needs and objectives.

Business Advisement

Building a strategic business approach built on in-depth market research allows our professionals to find the perfect solution for your business, marketing and property needs. We understand the importance of profitability and work diligently to assess, develop and advise our clients with winning strategies.


We are available and accessible through a variety of online platforms, company website, varied social media sites, third-party websites, email, text or phone. For inquiries or to schedule a complimentary consulting appointment, contact us today.


If you need guidance and direction in developing a strategy for your commercial real estate investment, Gerlinger International, Ltd. can help. Consulting services: lease or purchase analysis, site evaluation, brokerage opinion of value, market assessment, opportunity analysis, demographics reports and case specific real estate industry research.

Property Leasing

Every property is unique, requiring unique and individualized winning strategy to successfully perform in today's competitive commercial real estate market. Gerlinger International, Ltd. professionals work closely with clients to determine their goals for leasing and develop agressive strategies to help achieve those goals. When working with GI-Reno, you will receive strong focus, hard work and agressive result driven strategy built from experience.

Market Research

Gerlinger International, Ltd. performs a thorough review of competitive properties and specific vacancies in the marketplace to provide a holistic view of the local, regional and national real estate landscape.

Professional Photography

GI-Reno provides professional property photography services for residential or commercial property owners and real estate professionals. Our network of professional photographers also provide business event photography, business portraits, product photography and environmental portraits.

Map Your Competition

Want to know where your competition is located? We provide high quality vector maps pinpointing your competition and identifying void in service areas.


Working hard at your business but don't have enough time or money to waste on marketing? Call us today! Gerlinger International will help you identify best fit marketing strategies to increase your market standing and actual sales.

Northern Nevada Investment Opportunity

The Northern Nevada development and investment opportunities are growing in a rapid rate. With significantly higher demand as supply, housing and industrial property sales, leases and developments are becoming more and more profitable. As such, we offer outside investors and developers regional tours and updates on where and what is happening in the region and how they could maximize their short-term and long-term ROI goals.

Bymariag 2 Feb,2016

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Nevada

Many companies from around the world have already made the move to Nevada. Either starting a new adventure or expanding their current businesses

Bymariag 2 Feb,2016

Why Relocate or Expand to the Northern Nevada Region?

Northern Nevada is one of the leading developing regions in the Nation. It's a place where businesses and individuals can achieve higher and fast

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